Links to other Amiga and local things

If you’re interested in what else is out there in a local sense, why not check out these fine organisations?

One Life Left – our fabulous and friendly local gaming cafe which kindly hosts our monthly meets. They also hold other community events, parties and you can drop in for a game and a toastie on any of their machines and screens.

The Centre Of Computing History – this is an amazing museum based in Cambridge. Fascinating, educational, fun and generally just a brilliant place to visit. We have several members who either work or volunteer there, too, and we were lucky enough to have a special guided tour. There’s so much to see and to try out; you need more than one visit to take it all in.

Retro Ready – located in Norwich, if you’re looking for new accessories and hardware for your Amiga or other retro computers, come here for a friendly and knowledgable service and an excellent range of products.

Norwich Retro Gamers – dedicated to all retro computers, consoles and games from every era and on any machine you can think of.

If you’re specifically after cool Amiga stuff, how’s this for starters?

Aminet – the largest resource of free Amiga software around.

Amiga Future – a long-running print magazine in English and German.

Pintz & Amiga – weekly live Amiga streams, chat and drinking from Texas, with several NAG members getting involved.

English Amiga Board – excellent forum and resource (including the Hall Of Light and Amiga Magazine Rack databases).

Lemon Amiga – another long-running and useful site.