So what is Norwich Amiga Group anyway?

Ah, good question. Norwich Amiga Group is a, well, group, dedicated to the, er, Commodore Amiga computer and based in, um, Norwich…

A snazzy NAG backdrop on an Amiga 1200 Workbench. Yesterday(ish)

Okay, let’s try again shall we? NAG (as it shall henceforth be known) was formed on Saturday 25th March 2017, when three local Amiga fans met up for a pint or three at the Coachmakers Arms on St Stephens Road. It was an enjoyable evening for sure, and many ideas and Amiga-related topics were discussed, but there wasn’t much sign of what was to follow.

Pub gatherings came and went with some different people attending, but it was that fateful night on Tuesday 3rd July 2018 where things started to take off. That was the first time we held one of what we now know as our ‘proper’ meets at the brilliant One Life Left Gaming Cafe on St Benedict’s Street. Despite an unfortunate clash with England’s World Cup victory over Colombia, ten people turned up for a brilliant SWOS tournament. The Cafe themselves were happy enough to invite us back for a second event the following month which was even better – NAG had lift off.

People! Lots of people. You know, like the good old days

These days, we boast over 400 members, and cater for every aspect of Amiga usage no matter the experience and interest of each user – from those who like a few beers with their mates playing their favourite games from their childhood, to the hardcore users who can repair, recap and upgrade machines and know them inside out. It’s a friendly, relaxed group and we make everybody as welcome as possible, as well as providing a brilliant opportunity to get to know like-minded people. Why not come and join us sometime?