NAG On Tour (kind of): OLL XP

Well, I certainly haven’t learned my lesson from last year. I made the foolish decision to include our website address on our flyers (as a kind of ‘point of contact’ type thing) even though I barely ever update it, and in the knowledge that big events such as the one we are partaking in this weekend will require me to write something just to even begin to look like there are signs of life.

The new Turrican 2 AGA port being played on a CD32 at our February meet

In truth, NAG is thriving – and if you’ve stumbled across us for the first time at the Theatre of Dreams… sorry, I mean the Forum this weekend, then the fact you’re reading this means you must have a degree of interest in what we’re doing. So welcome aboard!

I would suggest you use the Contact Us page to find out where we are more active – and I’d definitely recommend joining our Facebook group if you use that platform, as that has always been our main online hub. It’s incredibly busy and you can find all the information regarding upcoming events on there. Failing that, our Discord server is becoming more active over time and we do publish all our meeting details there as well. Finally, because I’m incredibly biased, you really ought to follow me on Twitch for (mostly) Amiga-related gaming streams, and as you might anticipate, NAG’s meets are talked about often and have the distinct advantage of you being able to ask me questions about them in real time. Technology eh?

The fact we are involved in big events such as OLL XP (and OLL ’23 shortly) is a massive endorsement of how our community is viewed – if you’ve ever had any interest in the Amiga at all, then you’ll definitely feel at home. We cater for all levels of interest and expertise across the many different fields the Amiga is more than capable in, and our regular meets are always terrific fun to attend.

Some, er, highly-technical tinkering going on with this Checkmate Amiga at our February meet

Our next meet is on Sunday 26th March (which is NAG’s sixth birthday weekend, no less) so do come and join us at Bowling House, 5-7 Dereham Road, Norwich, NR2 4HX from 1-8pm on the day. It’s free entry, and we’ll doubtless be holding a game tournament for all to take part in so it’ll be a great occasion.

Thanks for reading and hopefully joining – with any luck, our display at OLL XP has given you a good indication of what we’re all about.

(Of course, if you really can’t find an easy way to keep in touch with us via all our social platforms, then do feel free to drop us a line via e-mail – we can certainly keep you updated that way too…)